Old World Monkeys

The scientific name for Old World monkeys (OWM) is Catarrhines which means “narrow nosed” (their nostrils face downwards, like ours). The Old World monkeys occupy a wide variety of environments in South and East Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and even Gibraltar at the southern tip of Spain. Some species inhabit tropical forests, while others live on arid grasslands and even mountainous areas with heavy winter snows. No species of OWM has a prehensile tail. OWM’s have ischial callosities or “butt pads.”
There are at least 78 species of Old World monkeys in two subfamilies—the Cercopithecinae and the Colobinae.
– Baboons
– Guenons
– Macaques
– Mangabeys
– Patas
– Colobus
– Langurs
– Leaf-monkeys
– Proboscids