Lemurs are found only in Madagascar.  They are a diverse group of 10 species placed in 4 genera.  These small to medium-sized primates are herbivorous or omnivorous, arboreal, and diurnal.  Members of the group vary considerably, however, in diet and habit. Some species, are frugivorous, some eat foliage, others include some insects in their diets, and some are even specialized to feed on the leaves of bamboo.  All lemurs are at least partly arboreal, but a few spend considerable time on the ground.  Lemurs move through the trees both by running along branches and by leaping from vertical stems or trunks (“vertical clingers and leapers”).  Some species of lemurs are social creatures, living in groups of up to 18 or 20 individuals, with Ring-Tailed lemurs being female dominant.  Others are usually solitary.  Lemurs use scents from a variety of sources for marking their territories and each other, including urine and arm and anal glands.