Heliopithecus leakeyi

Heliopithecus leakeyi
• Andrews and Martin, 1987
• BMNH M 35145, left maxilla with P3 – M2 (holotype)
• 23 – 15 MYA
• Saudi Arabia
Heliopithecus left little evidence of its existence, with all information stemming solely from the holotype. The maxillary remains suggest a shallow and narrow palate with parallel tooth rows, and a marked diastema. The buccal teeth are thickly enameled and the molars are quite broad. Dental remains are comparable in size to living chimpanzees. According to Hartwig, “Heliopithecus may be congeneric with Afropithecus (which has priority) and with Morotopithecus. Heliopithecus differs from Afropithecus in having broader buccal teeth and upper molars which have relatively smaller hypocones. Morotopithecus is distinguished by having broader palate and broader upper buccal teeth.”